Indian Society for Trauma and Acute Care (ISTAC®)

A Group for Advancement of Trauma Education and Research

Membership Details

  • The membership of the ISTAC® is open primarily to specialist doctors certified by an Indian University (holding Masters degree in Surgery or M.D. qualification recognized by the Medical Council of India), National Board of Examinations and will have evidenced special Interest in the field of Trauma, Acute and Intensive Care by his/her teaching through Lectures and/or writings or who has clinical or basic science interest in the field.

    Trauma, Acute and Intensive care refers to all aspects of Trauma Care including primary through definitive and intensive care thereby making membership available to General Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurosurgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, Emergency Physicians and Intensivists, and other sub-specialties of General Surgery who meet the same criteria as General Surgeons. The membership is subject to fulfillment of the terms and conditions of the society and subject to the approval of the Governing body of the society.

    Associate Membership:

    The associate membership of ISTAC® is open to all non-medical professionals working in the field of Trauma and Acute care; this would include Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation specialists, Nursing professionals, Paramedics and any other basic science specialty working in the field of Trauma Care and Research.

    Emeritus/Honorary Membership:

    The membership committee of the Governing Body of ISTAC® can nominate any professional person as Emeritus/Honorary member without any financial subscription/fee being charged to the person. He/she will enjoy all the rights and privileges of membership except the right to vote. He/she shall abide by the duties, rules and regulations of the society.

    Membership to Foreign Nationals:

    The membership is open to foreign nationals as the paid members of the Society, and will enjoy all privileges of Members including right to vote during the general body. The membership application has to be approved by the membership committee of the Governing Body.

    Prospective members will be invited to ISTAC® by recommendation of any active member, who is in good standing. Applications of Prospective members will be forwarded by their sponsor to the membership committee of Governing Body.
    If the membership is not approved by the membership committee of Governing Body of the society, the reason of refusal shall be communicated to the person/applicant concerned.

    Membership Fee & Subscription:

    The Admission Fee and the Subscription shall be as under unless otherwise revised by the Governing Body of the Society. The Governing Body shall revise the Membership Fee from time to time considering the overall financial status of the Society and prevailing price index.

    (a) Individual Members:
    i. Life Membership: Rs.2000.00 only
    (b) Associate Members:
    i. Life Membership: Rs.1500.00 only
    (c) Emeritus/Honorary Membership: No Fees applicable
    (d) Membership to Foreign Nationals:
    i. Life Member (Non SAARC nation): $100.00 only
    ii. Life Member (SAARC nation): Rs. 2500.00 only

    ISTAC Membership Registration Form [PDF/Adobe Acrobat Format]

    ISTAC Membership Registration Form [DOC Format]

    Termination or Cessation of Membership

    The Governing body of the ISTAC shall have the powers to expel/terminate a member or/ and members, from the membership of the above society, on the following grounds:

    (a) on death
    on written resignation
    if found to be involved in any anti-social activities
    if adjudged by any court of law to be a criminal offender
    if found guilty by means of anti propaganda of the Aims and Objects of the society
    if fails to pay the subscription of contribution for three months
    it has not attended three consecutive meetings
    if disregards Rules & Regulations or disobey the decisions of the governing Body
  • Note: The decision and reasons of the governing Body regarding the termination from the membership of the society, shall be communicated to the member concerned, at least thirty (30) days before the effective date of termination of membership. If the member wishes to appeal the decision, the President must be notified by registered mail not later than thirty (30) business days after termination notice was delivered.

ISTAC® Membership Registration Form [PDF/Adobe Acrobat Format]

ISTAC® Membership Registration Form [DOC Format]