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Trauma in India-Factfile

  • “Trauma - The Neglected disease of Modern Developing Nations”

    All Trauma Data from India Primarily emanates out of Road Traffic Injury estimates

    Road-traffic accidents are increasing at annual rate of 3%.

    In 1997, 10.1% of all deaths in India were due to accidents and injuries

    A vehicular accident is reported every 2 minutes and a death every 8 minutes on Indian roads

    During 1998
    » nearly 80,000 lives were lost and
    » 330,000 people were injured
    » 78% were men in age group of 20-44 years, causing significant impact on productivity
    A trauma-related death occurs in India every 1.9 minutes

    The majority of fatal road-traffic accident victims are pedestrians, two wheeler riders and bicyclists

    Trauma and Injury is a major blow to our economy
  • Mortality in serious (ISS > 16) injuries 6X worse in a developing country such as India compared to a developed country

    90% of all Road Traffic Deaths – Middle and Low Income Countries like India
    In addition to excess mortality, tremendous burden of disability in developing nations

    India Loses approx 2-2.5% of its GDP to only Road Traffic Injuries
    All Trauma is not Road Traffic Injuries
    22.8% of all Trauma is Transport related Injuries
    Majority 77.2% is other trauma like:
    Falls (pediatric age group)
    Agricultural related trauma
    » Fire Arms, Intentional self harm
    » Assault, Fall of objects
    » Burns, Drowning
    » Natural Disasters
    » Terrorist Attacks
    » Possibility of “NBC” events